Push Button 510 thread Battery


Vape and USB Ego Charger for o.Pen Preheat 510 Thread Variable Voltage C Artridge (Silver)

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➤Button Pen
➤ 510 threads , Length 87mm , Diameter 11.2mm . Battery Capacity 350mah
➤ Press button for on/off, preheat and volt adjustment. On/Off:Press button 5 times for on/off.☂☂ Variable Voltage : Press button 3 times to adjust volt: 2.6v green, 3.3v blue, 4.0v Red.
➤ Preheat Function:Press button 2 times to preheat. Press button 1 time to stop preheat.☂☂ Battery Level Indicator : Press button to see battery level: Green Full; Orange Med; Red Low
➤ USB Charger: Universal style allows charging of any 510 thread device , Red and green indicators on the charger let you know when your device is fully charged


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