M.M.H Hi-Cal, Hi-protein, hemp protein infused whey powder


Chocolate milkshake powder.

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High quality chocolate flavour whey protein powder infused with 100% pure hemp protein powder. High calorie high protein containing all 8 essential amino acids and fatty acids including omega 3, GLA, and dietary fibre. Hemp protein is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and serves as a valuable source of nonessential amino acids including arginine. Hemp is also an excellent anti inflammatory for after exercise.
500g 40 servings.

Mass protein blend, whey powder concentrate, milk concentrate, soy protein isolate 90%, hemp protein, peptide bonded glutamine (wheat), maltodextin, gluten free oat flour, waxy maize starch, cocoa powder.
Additive… Cannabis L-Sativa, Flavour, Sweetner, Surcalose (E955), xanthan gum.
Allergens.. Contains terpenes


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